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my name is Anton. Here I rant about my regular development challenges, some tips and tricks included.
As a bonus, some time management and project planning thoughts may also land here.

Rather inspiring quotes:
  • There is no right answer ... and always a better way. Show and discuss your code, without emotional attachment. You are not your code. ©
  • I want to change the world but they wont give me the source code.
  • Нащяльника, мая сервира паставиль, фрибизьдя инсталя сделаль, апачи сабраль, пыхапе патключиль, сапускаю, а ано - ажамбех пашамбе эшельбе шайтанама!

My CV is hosted on github, please fetch this link for a PDF version of my CV.

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