Don't ever memorize passwords after 6PM

I've lost several evenings of configuration tweaks and chat logs after getting into this with my upsized truecrypt volume couple of months ago. I've created a password for the volume, rebooted, entered the password once and was flipping my netbook in-out of sleep for couple of weeks. And then I've rebooted once again and... see below for details. The next password was shorter, but I managed to forget it too, was bruteforcing it for couple of nights with simple bash script.

Password Strength XKCD


Free Stanford online courses and related

Free Stanford online courses: Enrollment deadline is the next Monday or so.

  • Database class here: http://db-class.com/
  • Machine Learning class here: http://ml-class.org/
  • AI class here: http://www.ai-class.com/

Also there's some extra non-interactive resources for some of courses taught at Stanford Engineering. Which might be of some interest. Particularly that pack of videos for iPhone app development course.

One extra Google hint: a page which links to some 400 of free online courses. Definitely, time is now the most precious resource of all. :)