node.js on the web: full-stack javascript

Node.js API docs, and translation to russian.

Then we have a decent web-framework for Node.js, named express, and wiring/interop extension for it: connect; and meta-model for CSS generation SASS, HTML templating engine JADE, and... metalanguage for JS itself: CoffeeScript (frankly, this blew me away when I found that one).

I think it should be quite possible to grab third-party site page, introspect the page via JS DOM API, squeeze the data out by just the same JS, and serve the data out.

As for any ports of jQuery or some of its plugins, like jquery-tmpl or solr - this looks to be quite possible, but I am not sure whether this would be needed given the vastness of the current stack solutions.

Sexiest aspect of Node.js is: full-stack javascript.

...or, may all of this just be some massive, distributed april fools fake, just like Google Motion? ;)

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