JQuery : Grid Widgets

JQuery has quite elegant syntax and rock-solid core, but the UI extensions are rather weak when compared to some of other JS frameworks. There was some recent progress in the UI's Grid (completed zero-feature grid phase, with proper ThemeRoller support, but no sorting yet).

As for third-party Grid plugins, Datatables is still one of the most stable and well-designed (at least you may sort visible column by a hidden one, for example), but there's no editors, column resizing and DnD. Then you have that jqGrid plugin, which, while being quite feature-bloated (also includes editors), does not allow for the same degree of controll over sorting as Datatables permit. FlexiGrid is quite promising: looks like not so well-documented middleground between Datatables and jqGrid.

And then there're some less mature/up-to-date versions like SlickGrid, GridNic (a clone/stale version of the former one), TableSorter (rather minimalistic), FireScope Grid (outdated, no demo, GPL), InGrid (outdated).

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