git init

30 minutes intro to Git
Pro Git Book (is to Git as Red Bean Book is to SVN)
git-scm – The official git website.
git man pages – In-depth documentation for every git command.
git user’s manual – Concepts and workflows.
git ready – rather hot and relevant tips and hints for using git (I'd already used couple, with having been gitting only for a couple of days).

UPD: And yes, you're able to host a read-only Maven repo on github (Google Code also allows for that).
Also check an extensive list of code hosting solutions on Wikipedia, and Git-supporting hosters list on git.wiki.kernel.org. Also, GitHub has Pivotal Tracker integration, not completely submersive into IDE, but still quite nice to use (quite better then GitHub's issues, even after the recent rewrite).

And this enables colors in the git console output:
$ git config --global color.diff auto

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