Agile Basecamp Ukraine : Impressions/Summary

In general: conference was quite positive emotionally and mostly light on the brain (almost no complex theories/metrics/formulas out there). Lots of interesting edutainment-like report formats and talk-provocative meetings. The place was also quite nice, I regret I did not take any photos while being there.

DataArt's after-party rocked, that's for sure: but I did not really see any technical (or at least PR) report on the company's projects/teams/positions itself, which would fit quite nicely (at least) into the Open Space section (I guess).

UPD: So, here's the link to conference presentations on SlideShare. Also I've updated books and ideas section, so check'em out. My personal TODO: compensate for missing presentation on Estimation Techniques.

General Agile Resources:
Recent Books on Agile, (and links to the authors' blogs):
Ukrainian Agile resources (no particular order here):
And couple of other sites of possible interest:
Some tools which were discussed on the conference:
  • redmine (tracker with lots of Agile-ish yummies) - missed some of core plugins though;
  • gitosis (some kind of large-scale git management tool);
  • jenkins (a fork-off/rebranding of Hudson, was new to me).
Nice ideas having crossed my mind while I was listening (no particular order here, too):
  • ROI metrics / Survey integration: which basically means that customer feedback surveys are aligned with sales so we (roughly speaking) are able to estimate profit we get for each vote on any particular feature
  • Web-version of Scrum/Kanban board for a distributed team: oh this all really has something to do with HTML5, like that Spaaze project I've recently seen; just do that thingy via HTML5, and cast it off to the wall with a projector or wide plasma or something...
  • Start-up evaluations / Vision brainstorming: I really liked that presentation on Vision elaboration and would use that on any of my ideas before I start designing or coding.
  • free HTML5 mindmapping (yeah, ditch java from this domain, at last): well, I am late as usual: mind42, bubbl.us, MindMeister;
  • some time tracker/todo manager startup which beats RTM? The main idea is that if your application is quite well-profiled you may bite reasonable share of a crowded market: I'd recently searched for these applications and still have no proper solution: I'd like to see Hamster being cross-platform and having the Pomodoro features of workrave;
  • switch my lecture style to this Lightning Talks format: some of lectures, at least course section intros/outros would be quite engaging/igniting the students to work on the course... ;)
Particular/remarkable idioms: soft commit, focus factor, planning poker.

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anka_ua said...

hi :) good source collection! :)
it is worth adding a few words about speakers which presentation you took part in..
Who makes the most strong impression as example :-)