Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World (David Easley, Jon Kleinberg)

Kinda short review/notes on the Cornell's book I'd been referred almost a year ago (download, amazon).

Well, I was able to read 13 chapters of 24. Then the authors got to the structure of the web, heavy tails and small worlds, which are quite more familiar for me - so I started skipping.
Percolations and spectras were discussed at mere basics, so there was nothing quite new/interesting for me in the book, though some of game theory was quite a nice refresher.

The gross volume of the material does not deserve 800 pages: some of the general whatnot should be evicted from the book, especially in the beginning chapters.
In most cases couple of formulas are quite sufficient and should not be duplicated by two or three paragraphs of redundant examples (or at least some styling should denote those "for-dummies" sections).

BTW: chapter 23 on politics and state seems to be of some marginal interest. No explicit discussion of networked warfare in there, so...

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