Tools update

Freemind has been forked off to Freeplane. Not sure which project is better, but I guess the *plane deserves looking into.
Currently I have some troubles with Freemind as our team moved to 0.9.1 while I am still using some 0.8.x release (ubuntu repos do not offer me any newer ones).
Well, I am not that sure that Freeplane would help me with that version class, but it's still worth a try. 

CodeBubbles : one of the weirdest Java IDEs I've ever seen. I was thinking towards something similar, yeah (as many others of course did)...
This looks quite like some middle ground between textual and visual programming language representations. Some visual weirdos were proposed in academia but AFAIK none survived to wider use in the industry. At least there was a great taxonomy of PLs in wikipedia and a dedicated section on the visual PLs, which is an interesting read. Personally me thinks that some notation change might be very promising, as text does not scale up well, especially for specifications, code or any other interdependent, non-linear structures. This is of course completely open-ended area, with lots of usability/cognitive/ergonomics factors to take care of...

And of course the new Idea 10 is out. I'm a bit reluctant to upgrade as my licence to Idea 8 (which turned to be free license to Idea 9) would be kinda useless. Oh, I just shall wait till JetBrains offers a free upgrade to 11 from 10! Maybe some Scala or Velocity plugin upgrade would force me, but, It looks quite nice anyway, with lots of polyglot syntax closures and so on and on and on...

As for free project hosting: there's a BitBucket project which offers roughly as much as Unfuddle does, but with limit of 5 accounts not 2. Maybe BitBucket has only Mercurial support, while Unfuddle has git/SVN support? Not sure this is an issue though (for noobs hg/git is more demanding log-wise while svn is less forgiving merge-wise). Another consideration: BitBucket offers free unlimited hosting for OSS projects, while Unfuddle does not. BTW, Revelation uses BitBucket, too. And yes, I know about assembla and google code options.

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