Firewalled JMX Connection Resources

It came as a big surprise to me that JMX does not use a simple single-connection solution. There is a JNDI registry sitting on the port you use for connection from JConsole GUI, and that registry reports where to connect (via an arbitrary port). So there's no simple way to punch the firewall at one port and use JMX. There's even no simple solution to do that with two fixed opened firewall port. So here's some whereabouts regarding this issue.
  • Troubleshooting connection problems in jconsole. Did not read/use that one. Wireshark did the dirty work more or less. See here.
  • Extensive post on setting up JMX connection via single port, some amount of custom JVM prestart code is required. See here.
  • JManage - a simple Jetty-based JMX client allowing you to leave the transport on the node itself. Simple web-interface, idle for 4 years. See here.
  • CLI client for JMX. Stale, minimalistic, did not try this one. See here.
  • MX4j seems to provide some kind of CLI client, but I was unable to find any docs on that.
  • The most used syntax for JSR 160 might be (not sure as for the rmi part):

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