Use the brain, not Google

>> I searched whole web and nothing seem to give me
>> at least a pointer so any help will be greatly
>> appreciated.

> For some tasks it is much more efficient to use the brain
> than Google.

Say, have you got a URL? thebrain.com's search engine didn't match "Newton" at all. What am I missing here?

Mercurial backup script

A simple cmd batch to clone and pack a mercurial repo. I used to run that just before logging off.

rmdir /S /Q repo-snap
hg clone -U repo-work repo-snap

7z a -t7z -mx=9 repo-snap-@stamp.7z repo-snap

rmdir /S /Q repo-snap
java -jar jstamper.jar repo-snap-@stamp.7z

shutdown -s -t 120


PS: jstamper.jar was a simple class which renamed file so @stamp was substed with current datestamp. Bash does that in a blink, but there's no simple way to do that in cmd.