Java Performance Benchmarks

Several benchmarks comparing C++ and Java exist on the web. The results are mixed: some show that Java is actually faster than C++, while most show that C++ is still faster than Java but by a small margin. The purpose of this post is to talk about the theory behind the Java optimization techniques, so I didn't set out to create my own benchmarks myself, but nothing like hard data to prove a point. So here are the links to some benchmarks found on the web:
  • The Java is Faster than C++ and C++ Sucks Unbiased Benchmark: despite the name, this benchmark shows very similar results between Java and C++, with the occasional scenario where C++ beats Java hands down.
  • The Java Faster than C++' Benchmark Revisited: someone who didn't like the benchmark above and found different results, where C++ has a clearer lead. Even so, Java is still close, wins some benchmarks, and is clearly slow only in a handful of tests.
  • The Computer Language Benchmarks Game: compares a number of programming languages using different algorithms. Gnu C++ and Java 6 are compared, and C++ wins most of the comparisons, but in most of the cases by a very close margin, and Java is the occasional winner in some of the tests.
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...and one more update: Stefan Krause; Update for Java Benchmark.

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