Changing Windows XP HAL

If you perform a Windows installation with default settings in VirtualBox, Halacpi.dll will be chosen as VirtualBox enables ACPI by default but disables the IO APIC by default. A standard installation on a modern physical PC or VMware will usually result in Halaacpi.dll being chosen as most systems nowadays have an IO APIC and VMware chose to virtualize it by default (VirtualBox disables the IO APIC because it is more expensive to virtualize than a standard PIC). So as a first step, you either have to enable IO APIC support in VirtualBox or replace the HAL. Replacing the HAL can be done by booting the VM from the Windows CD and performing a repair installation.
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Anonymous said...

Does it works for Windows 2000?

Anton S. Kraievoy said...

Hmmm... I don't know for sure, but apparently it should.

Anton S. Kraievoy said...

...the most simple way to check this w/o crashing the OS is to ask on VirtualBox forums or the wiki itself. See the copyright link below the quote in my original post for the article.