Project build and dependency management tools

Gant is a tool for scripting Ant tasks using Groovy instead of XML to specify the logic. A Gant specification is a Groovy script and so can bring all the power of Groovy to bear directly, something not possible with Ant scripts. Whilst it might be seen as a competitor to Ant, Gant uses Ant tasks for many of the actions, so Gant is really an alternative way of doing things using Ant, but using a programming language rather than XML to specify the rules.
Ivy is a very powerful dependency manager oriented toward Java dependency management, even though it could be used to manage dependencies of any kind. Of course, Ivy is integrated with the most popular build management system for Java projects. But the integration goes way beyond common Ant integration. Indeed Ivy has been designed with Ant integration and design principles in mind. If you have Ant skills, you already have Ivy skills! The plugin mechanism in Ivy follows the same design as Ant, you will find macrodef and files import in Ivy configuration, many things Ant users are already familiar with.
Gradle is a build system which provides:
  • A very flexible general purpose build tool like Ant.
  • Switchable, build-by-convention frameworks a la Maven (for Java and Groovy projects). But we never lock you in!
  • Powerful support for multi-project builds.
  • Powerful dependency management (based on Apache Ivy).
  • Full support for your existing Maven or Ivy repository infrastructure.
  • Support for transitive dependency management without the need for remote repositories and pom.xml or ivy.xml files (optional).
  • Ant tasks as first class citizens.
  • Groovy build scripts.

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