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svn mergeinfo

Wow. Now svn 1.5+ tracks which specific revisions were merged in, so some fraction of merging pain swould be relieved.
Mergeinfo, or more specifically the versioned property svn:mergeinfo, is the history of merges made into a given file or directory. This article gives a detailed look at mergeinfo; what it means and how it works. The svn:mergeinfo property value is simply a newline separated list of merge source paths (relative to the repository root), each source path is followed by a colon, and after the colon a list of revisions previously merged from that source.
As always, some gotchas burried here and there:
Note that unlike the familiar -rX:Y notation used by many Subversion subcommands, the version ranges in svn:mergeinfo use an A-B format in which the revision A is inclusive. In other words, if you merge -r3:7 expect to see mergeinfo with range 4-7.
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maven repo magic

The same idea in another head means I am more or less correct: maven artifact caching is good, but not perfect. There're scenarios when it should be turned off.
you can pass -Dmaven.repo.local=..... That´s very usefull too, if you have a Continuous Build system running, where each build should work on its own "local repository".