HP RAM extension

Here is the manual for RAM extension for HP Compaq nx9420. I'm now considering Linux (preferrably Suse as before) featuring VirtualBox running Windows and Mac OS for solid testing of the application we develop. This would obviously eat lots of RAM, but I know people are able to do Linux and virtualized Windows (some office apps mainly) using only 2 gigabytes, not 4 as I would like. Also it would be nice to swap on the memory of GPU (256 MB there), and use its (GPU's) processing power to boil some coffee. Anyway, KDE seemed more productive and convenient for me half a year ago when I was using it. The only problem was input language switching, but I would figure how to use my favorite Ctrl+Shift+number to switch that sooner rather than later. BTW, IntelliJ Idea (under Windows) still does not allow me to extract constant via Ctrl+Alt+C and Alt+R does not get to the Refactoring menu pulldown. Some kind of global shortcut override I guess?

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